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Systemic Design Framework: Developed to help designers working on major complex challenges that involve people across different disciplines and sectors

Design Council

Physical activity and health: Guidance and Services

Welsh Government

ACTIVE: a technical package for increasing physical activity

World Health Organization

A smoke-free Wales: Our long-term tobacco control strategy

Welsh Government

Building a Fairer Gwent: Improving Health Equity and the Social Determinants

Gwent Public Services Board (PSB) and University College London Institute of Health Equity

Water-related fatalities in children and young people under 25 years of age, Wales, 2013-2022

Public Health Wales

Communities and Climate Change in a Future Wales

Public Health Wales

Homes for health and well-being: Summary briefing

Public Health Wales

Climate Change in Wales: Health Impact Assessment Summary Report

Public Health Wales

Sexual Health in Wales Annual report 2023

Public Health Wales

471 total results

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