Strategies to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences: handbook for professionals

A team of researchers from Public Health Wales have developed a handbook to guide professionals and organisations on how to implement work to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).  Working in collaboration with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe and Liverpool John Moores University they developed the guide to help professionals to take action to build resilience in children, and develop trauma-informed organisations, sectors and systems. 

ACEs include child maltreatment (such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse) and other stressful experiences within the first 18 years of life, such as exposure to family and intimate partner violence or substance abuse by parents or caregivers. These experiences have the potential to alter a child’s developing brain and biological systems and can have harmful impacts across the life-course. Therefore, addressing ACEs and reducing the burdens on individuals, families and wider society is essential. 

The handbook brings together evidence, resources and case studies from across Europe and internationally. As well as highlighting strategies and information on preventing ACEs, building resilience and developing trauma-informed systems, it presents a series of steps that can be used to put strategies into action.

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