Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight

Being a healthy weight has become one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of long term health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers. However, in our current environment it is difficult for many people to achieve this. Our food environment has developed in a way which prioritises convenience over health, with a focus on quick, processed foods that will often be energy dense and high in fat and/or sugar and are perceived as more affordable. In addition, we spend more time undertaking sedentary activities due to our travel patterns and less physically demanding types of work. Reducing current levels of obesity is a complex challenge, with many contributing factors acting at individual, community, societal and global levels.

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Healthy weight strategy (Healthy Weight Healthy Wales)

Welsh Government

Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales 2022 to 2024 delivery plan

Welsh Government

Child Measurement Programme for Wales

Public Health Wales

Healthy Weight Healthy You

Public Health Wales

Primary Care Obesity Prevention Action Plan (2022-2024)

Public Health Wales

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