Social Value Masterclass: Measuring the value of public health

In times of scarce resources, particularly in the area of population health and prevention, collaboration among decision-makers, budget-holders, practitioners and researchers is crucial. This collective effort should aim to maximise the wider (social, economic, and environmental) value created from spending and investment in (public) health services and interventions.

This Masterclass is designed to enhance understanding of the broader holistic value of public health through exploring the concept of Social Value. Mae’n arfogi cyfranogwyr â’r wybodaeth a’r offer sylfaenol i edrych ar werth ehangach eu meysydd gwasanaeth o fewn iechyd y cyhoedd.

Learning outcomes:

  • Promote the importance of capturing and measuring the wider value of public health
  • Enhance understanding of why value and Social Value are important by introducing the strategic and policy context in Wales and beyond
  • Showcase practical applications of how the Social Value of public health interventions and services can be captured

Mariana Dyakova – Consultant in Public Health, International Health Lead and Deputy Director, Policy and International Health, WHO Collaborating Centre, Public Health Wales

Kathryn Ashton – Programme Manager (Social Value and ROI), WHO Collaborating Centre, Public Health Wales

Anna Stielke – International Evidence Development Officer (Value and Impact), WHO Collaborating Centre, Public Health Wales

Oliver Kempton – Partner and Co-Founder, Envoy Partnership


January 2024

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