Understanding and addressing the public health impact of e-cigarette use in children and young people in Wales

Vaping has increased amongst the Welsh population in recent years, with 8% of the adult population reporting they use them currently and 5% of 11-16 year olds using vapes at least weekly. Vapes are substantially less harmful than cigarettes and an increasingly popular method of stopping smoking. However, as increasing numbers of people who have never tried smoking start to use vapes, what are the risks, harms and issues with vape use amongst children and young people in Wales? And what can – and should – public health and organisations working with young people be doing?

This webinar:

  • Provided an update from Public Health Wales on the epidemiology and harms of vaping in children and adults and the measures currently in place to tackle the problem particularly with young people
  • ASH Wales discussed their national vaping survey and also discussed the work they’ve been doing with secondary schools to educate around vapes through workshops and various resources.
  • Provided an overview of how projects in different parts of Wales are addressing the issue following requests from educational settings, and how they are supporting young people to gain the information, skills and opportunities they need to make informed choices.


January 2024

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