Enhancing partnership working in public services boards

Collaborating with diverse partners is essential for Public Health leads and practitioners to address the wider determinants of health. Within the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, Public Services Boards (PSB) are a key institution for partnership working in Wales. Yet studies consistently show that strategic partnerships fail to reach agreement on mutually beneficial joint action.

An extended research project with a PSB explored the potential to transform partnership relationships. In this webinar, Dr Elizabeth Woodcock gives us a window into the tensions between specialisation and dialogue, hierarchy and shared responsibility, and efficiency and inclusivity.

Members of the PSB and others joined with the researcher in action research, a participatory approach to shared learning. The findings offer proven methods for Public Health and other PSB representatives to negotiate the tensions and craft a collaborative partnership culture.

Elizabeth’s presentation is introduced by Kevin Griffiths, Head of Local Government Partnerships, Welsh Government, who explains the importance of strategic partnership working in Wales.


May 2023

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